About Jelf Money at Work

Career long financial education

Jelf has over 25 years of experience helping individuals plan for the future.

Our financial and lifestyle education proposition spans an employee’s whole career from new starters to beyond retirement.

As Jelf Employee Benefits we started by providing Pension courses to our clients to help their employees engage with their pensions and make active decisions. Then we realised that people who have other money worries likes debt or who struggle to make their money last until the next payday won’t be engaged with their pensions because they think they can’t afford to be.

Helping people get in control of their finances now and make a plan for the future isn’t just about getting them to save into a pension though. We believe that helping your employees to be better with money is part of your responsibility as a caring employer to improve your employees’ wellbeing.

Improving wellbeing at all levels, not just in terms of health and fitness, means they will be less stressed and happier at work. This is beneficial for you because employees who have fewer worries and can sleep at night are likely to be more focused and more productive at work.

If you provide them with the support they need to make this happen then they will understand that they are valued, be more engaged as a result and more likely to be loyal to your company.

Jelf has a range of business and individual services that you may find useful. Click here to find out more.

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