Early Career Financial Education

Helping young employees get on the right track

Giving young employees the chance to get on the right track with their finances and to understand their employee benefits is a great way to show your employees how valued they are and that you support them in and outside of their working lives.

Those at the beginning or in the early years of their working lives have probably never had financial education before. Gaining these vital skills can help them to manage their money, get a plan for the future and make the most of their benefits. Younger employees may not yet have had to manage their money at all: some may be renting and paying bills for the first time and some may have been looking after their own finances for a number of years, but if no one has told them how to do it they could get into bad habits for the rest of their lives.

Many young people won’t even be thinking about saving for the future, and it becomes more difficult the longer you wait. We want to help employees understand the importance of getting in control of their finances and saving for the future.

Our financial education courses aim to give employees the skills and tools they need to manage their finances on their own and to create effective plans for the future to achieve their goals.

Main course topics

  • Managing problem debt
  • Budgeting
  • Money habits
  • Help to Buy
  • Protection
  • Savings
  • Company benefits
  • Pensions

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