Money at Work Courses: what attendees and employers say

98% of delegates would recommend the courses

60% say they will take action as a result of their course

We collect feedback from all of the courses we run and we record and analyse everything, good and bad, to help us improve our offering and ensure employees are getting the best education.


Kris Barnett, CEO ICE Benevolent Fund
Our charity has used the Jelf financial education programme on several occasions to different ages in our sector throughout the UK.
The content of the programme has been judged as excellent - informative, thought provoking and relevant.
The delivery by the Jelf team has also been judged as excellent with the trainers being described as expert, highly knowledgeable and engaging.

Kim Cooper, Finance and Service Director LTE Scientific Ltd
Lee has recently carried out member presentations for us. The sessions were extremely informative, interesting and pitched at just the right level to cover all grades of staff.

I have since been approached by several members of staff who wanted to thank the Company for setting up the sessions - and asking for further presentations to be organised.

Within our feedback we ask delegates to respond to statements on a scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree such as: “The course was the right level for me”; “The training was effective in helping me learn”; “I will be using aspects of this course in my day to day life”. Across all of our feedback 96% of delegates either strongly agree or agree with these statements.

We also collect comments from delegates in order to find out what they found most useful and if they would liked to have covered anything else or in a different way. We use these comments to review our courses and make improvements.

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