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Early Career
Financial Education

Helping young employees get on the right track


Financial Education

Help employees get their finances under control and ready for the future


LaterLife Financial and
Lifestyle Education

Help employees get a plan and prepare mentally for retirement


Money at Work Financial Education courses

Helping employees to get in control of their finances and have a plan for the future improves their financial wellbeing, which in turn improves their overall wellbeing. Employees who have good wellbeing are happier and therefore likely to be more motivated and engaged at work.

Our financial education courses help employees to understand the key areas of their finances, whether they are at the beginning of their career of have a few more years under their belt. We help employees to:

  • Understand their finances and the key decisions they need to make
  • Understand their employee benefits, so that they understand how they are relevant to their lives and their planning
  • Understand their Pensions and the importance of saving for their future

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Early Career Financial Education courses

Those at the beginning or in the early years of their working lives have probably never had financial education before. Gaining these vital skills can help them to manage their money, get a plan for the future and make the most of their employee benefits schemes.

Younger employees may not understand how to manage their money properly or even budget, let alone be thinking about saving for the future. Our courses give individuals tools and skills to be able to manage their money themselves, and to understand what areas of their finances they need to focus on at this stage in their lives.

These financial education courses are designed to give employees a good grounding in basic finance, to set them on the right track, and to help them create a plan for their finances.   

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Mid-Career Financial Education courses

Those in the middle of their careers may have experienced some events that have impacted them financially, but they may never have created a plan for their money or their future. Organising their finances and preparing financially for future events helps individuals to identify the areas they need to address and how their company can help.

Our financial education courses help employees understand key decisions they need to make and to prepare financially for upcoming events. Although things like debt and budgeting are relevant to individuals of any age, we think that the way they are handled and the way they need to be addressed will be different for people of different ages as their circumstances will be varied.

These courses are designed to give individuals the skills they need to be able to take control of their finances themselves, to prepare financially for future events and to create a plan for the future.

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LaterLife Retirement Planning Workshops

LaterLife is our specialist retirement planning branch. LaterLife offers the most extensive open schedule of retirement planning workshops in the UK and our in-house training courses are used by over 1,000 different companies.

Pre-retirement courses

Aimed at making the most of retirement, with a focus on planning retirement lifestyle but also covering all the key aspects of retirement finance including 'pension freedom'.

Mid-life Seminars & Courses

Aimed at those from 50 onwards and focused largely on Financial Planning and Pension Freedom but based on the retirement lifestyle goals of delegates.

To find out more about our retirement planning services, visit our dedicated Retirement Courses website

What's different about Money at Work?

We don’t believe that education is about telling people what to do; we believe that giving individuals the tools and knowledge to manage their money themselves helps them to make key decisions and create a plan that’s relevant for them.

We know that everyone is different, and this is reflected in the way we run our courses:

  • We provide knowledge in a fun and informal environment and we ask individuals what they want to know about
  • We encourage open discussion about money
  • We help individuals to identify what they need to take action on personally


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