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Being Better with Money

We believe that financial education is vital for all of your employees. We help employees learn how to be better with money so that they are less stressed and their wellbeing is improved. This means that they are likely to be more focused and engaged at work.

Our Early Career and Mid-Career workshops are provided Jelf Money at Work and our Laterlife workshops are provided by Jelf LaterLife Learning.

Early Career 20s – 30s

Mid-Career 30s – 50s

Laterlife 50+

Key issues

Starting their careers
Low savings
High borrowing
Thinking about saving to buy a house
Thinking about saving for retirement

Key issues

Focused on career
Young children
Want to save
High borrowing
House purchase
Pension savings
Key issues

Thinking about retirement
Adult children/parent support
Potentially high savings
Lower borrowing
Retirement savings important

Worried about money management and want to do the right thing with limited resources. Need guidance to create a plan and save for the future

Want to stay on track, make sure they are headed in the right direction and that their loved ones are protected

Want confirmation they have made the right decisions, have
accumulated savings but need guidance about their next options


Our courses are designed to help employees learn new skills and ideas about how to manage their money better and create their own financial plan. We don’t just throw information at them, we help them to understand the different areas of their finances, how to tackle their problems and what decisions they need to make.

Our courses cover the full span of an employee’s career and beyond. We know that some financial problems can affect anyone at any time, but often there are aspects of finances that are more relevant for individuals at different stages in their lives. By providing courses for employees at different stages of their careers we can make sure the content we provide is relevant and useful.

We provide financial and lifestyle education for employees nearing retirement to help them be prepared financially and emotionally. We think all of your employees deserve a great retirement and we want to help them achieve the best they can.

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More advanced financial education

In addition to the modules, more advanced financial education modules and retirement financial planning modules are available to provide seminars which meet the needs for financial education at all stages of an individual’s career.

These can be delivered as part of our standard workshops or tailored specifically to your organisation.

These financial seminars are part of our overall programme which provides financial education and retirement planning guidance at key stages of an individual’s career.

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