Mid-Career Financial Education

Being Better with Money

Employees who have not had financial education earlier in their lives might think they are past the point of help and stuck in bad money habits. We think that anyone can be better with money and it doesn’t matter at which stage of life they are.

Even though employees in the mid-stages of their careers may have had to deal with money management for life events like buying a house or getting married, they will probably have had to work things out for themselves as they went along. Some areas of personal finances can be very complicated and it’s easy for people to get things wrong and end up in financial difficulty.

We think it’s just as relevant for people in their 40s to understand how to manage problem debts and be better at budgeting as it is for them to plan for the future. Many people may think they don’t need to worry about the small things as they’ve got bigger financial worries, but getting the basics right is important for good money management, and that can help them to achieve other financial goals.

Understanding how to manage their money and preparing financially for future events helps individuals to identify the areas they need to address and how their employee benefits schemes could help.

Main course topics

  • Finance basics
  • Money habits
  • Home buying/moving
  • Protection
  • Savings
  • Company benefits
  • Pensions
  • Writing your Wil

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